Welcome to the Vagabond Trailer Section Of The Site

Hello and thanks for checking out the Vagabond portion of our website. Here we will dive into the restoration of the 1956 Vagabond camping trailer we picked up. This will involve a different skill set than in our Mopar restorations as plumbing and wiring will take on whole new meanings. We will also cover water and sewage as well as woodworking to shift things around. The trailer was found in the Northern Town of Tomahawk and had been sitting on a lake lot since 1974. It has avoided the ravages of time remarkably well even though it needs a restoration there is a lot to work with. On the left will be tabs showing the sections we will show as we get to them. So let's dive into the Vagabond!


If you ever have any questions regarding any of the restorations just click on the Flamin' Mailbox and I will get back to you.