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Hello Trippers

It is your Uncle Ernie again to tell you of an exciting new resource. I have decided to put up a website for the annual Memorial Day Canoe Trip as a gathering point for us campers.

Since this trip has been going on since the 70's and there are no dues, fees, memberships or other BS involved to get in the way a perpetual good time I felt that it deserves to have its own little niche in the world.

I have included a living History section that tells the story of the trip and the humble beginnings written by none other that our own Mr. James Hensle

The Event section will cover what goes on and some suggestions to make the event even more special and in some cases dry.

The Lodging section will inform you of camping arrangements as well as local lodging arrangements for those of you who might be camping challenged

The Location section will be updated as it changes but we seem to have found a happy home at Turkey Run state park for the time being

The most fun section is the Pictures section that I have broken down into decades. To see if Johnny D had hair back n 1978 or if Fred really has gotten any older looking just check out some of the shots from this section. To really make this part an exciting section I am asking that everyone dig out all the old photos and have them scanned onto a CD and send them to me. To make it good if you could include who and what year the picture is about it would add a lot. Now don't start bitching about all the work this will be as it will all be worth it to look back through everybody's pictures and have a good hoot!

Memories is a section which I am soliciting written memories of past trips to share with everyone. I am not asking for Shakespeare here but something better than "Man, I am so wasted!" scribbled on a bar napkin.

Current Trip Info will have all the who, what, where and how much for the currently planned trip. Since this is just a once a year thing pretty much a no-brainer.

The Database section will hold a living data base of address, phone, e-mail and so forth of trippers so everybody can stay in touch. Solicitations for this section are not only welcomed but required to make it work

The final section is The Wall O Shame. This section will call out Trippers from past events that have not been seen in the woods or on the river for while.

I hope everybody will take to this project and make it a destination in cyberspace.


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