Welcome To The Hemi Charger Section

Hello and thanks for stopping by the Charger section of 69hemi.com! In this section is the car that started all this web stuff hence the www.69hemi.com web address.

I was lucky to run across this exciting project and it quickly turned into a 6 year labor of love, blood, sweat, money and fun and I wouldn't trade one second of it. When Mother Mopar came out with the new Charger body style in 1968 the biggest, baddest way to go was a Super Tack Pack Hemi. This got you the big 426 Dodge Hemi engine, the stout 4-speed and an unbreakable Dana 60 rear with 4.10 gears. This package was continued into 1969 and this is the 10th one built that year. Rolling down the assembly line in October of 1968 this car could not have been optioned any better. From the brutality of the Hemi and 4-speed to the creature comforts of the plush Charger interior and vinyl roof it is truly a great car.

In this section of the website I will cover the restoration of this great piece of the Charger from start to finish and try to pass on my experiences and lessons learned. So to see the story of this rare piece of Muscle Car history, click the history button on the left for the story, sit back and I hope you enjoy the ride!

If you ever have any questions regarding any of the restorations just click on the Flamin' Mailbox and I will get back to you.