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Hi and thanks for checking into the GTX section of 69hemi.com. This section will document the restoration of a really cool old B-Body, a 1969 Plymouth GTX Track Pack 4-Speed car.

After the Charger was done and sold I needed a new project to keep me off the streets and out of my wife's hair so I started looking for a good candidate. When I was growing up in a small town near Pittsburgh, the guy across the street had a 65 Comet with a 4-speed and a HP 289. It was a nice car but just did not have enough poop for him so in 1970 he scored a 1969 red GTX. It was you standard model with an automatic and an open 8 rear and all the power stuff. I was 14 at the time and already a dedicated gear head so we cruised in that Mopar every night. A trip to the drag strip netted us 13.9 time slips in bone stock form. That car finally got traded for a customized GTO that was also pretty fun but that red GTX was always my favorite and I have always looked for one.

After a few months of crusin' the websites and e-bay netted me this beauty....well okay, kinda of a diamond in the rough. I bought it on Sunday and Monday morning my daughter, myself and a 24 foot trailer were on the way from Racine WI to Des Moines IA. 11 hours later and a pile of Benjamin's it was safely tucked into the trailer and we turned the ship around and headed home to Wisconsin. Now let me tell you about the drive to Des Moines and back to Wisconsin in one day, don't do it! I was seeing double when we finally got home after 19 hours on the road in some hideous rainstorms. I was lucky to have my 17-year-old daughter as a co-pilot to keep me in soda, Monster energy drinks and road food for the trip. We did stop by the World's Largest Truck Stop in Iowa at 0-Dark Thirty and it was a big ass truck stop. It is off I-80 and they have pretty much anything you would need it is like a small freaking city!

What attracted me to this car was the rare way it was optioned. In 1969 you could get a Road Runner with a 383 or the Hemi but not a 440. The GTX package netted you the option of the 440 or the Hemi but not he 383. So if you wanted a B-Body with the big wedge you needed to step up to the GTX. Whoever ordered this one wanted to go fast and did not want to pay for any of the extras. He first went with the 440 and the Hemi 4-Speed hooked to a Dana 60 spinning 3.54 gears. This was the Track Pack option. You also got the HD cooling system and the Hemi leaf springs out back. A console and a white tape stripe seem to be to the only other things that were added to the car. If it didn't make the car go fast it seems to have not been ordered. While I saw many other Red GTXs for sale most were automatics which ruled them out in my book and this one had the right package for me.

Anyway take a look at the car in the Coming Home section then follow the restoration as I add more links and pictures. If you have any questions, as always, just click on the flamin' mailbox and I will do my best to answer them.