I get a lot of questions on where I find sources for information, parts and tools so I have included a links page. In this collection of links I have tried to list the websites that I have found most helpful. If you arrived at this page directly through a search engine just click "HOME" at the bottom to be taken to the homepage of www.69hemi.com If you have a page you would like included in my links page please e-mail me by clicking on the flamin' mailbox and send it to me. Likewise if you would like to include www.69hemi.com on your page I would apreciate it.

  • http://www.dodgecharger.com A great site about all kinds of Dodge Chargers. There are different forums, decoders and a classfied section. Just a bunch of Charger guys talkin'....what else? Chargers This is the bunch from www.dodge-charger.com before it finally went tits up for good.

  • http://www.rogergibsonautorestoration.com/ The current reigning Mopar restoration guru. Roger Gibson and his partner, Frank Badalson, restore the best of the best and are perhaps the most accurate restorations done today. Roger also always has a great line of restoration parts and supplies that are concours correct.

  • http://www.goldlinebrakes.com Masters at rebuilding calipers. Send in your cores and they will send you a fresh pair or, send in yours and ask that they restore those, and they will for a small upcharge. Great company, great service ask for John.

  • http://www.http://www.ohiocrankshaft.com./ Crank, rods, pistons, ARP rod bolts and all bearings & rings for the Hemi for $2025.00 sounded good. 3-Months later when I finally got the stuff the rings and bearings were wrong. The Ohio boys made it right so I will give them a 6 on a scale of 10 for great prices but being too slow and poor attention to detail

  • http://www.http://www.steeringwheelsbymike.com/index.html/ If you have a steering wheel that needs repairs this is the guy. He restored mine and a buddie's wheel and both came out looking like new! Fair prices and outstanding work are the reason to go to Mike with your steering wheel resto.

  • http://www.http://www.instrument-specialties.com /index.html/ They specialize in OE level show quality gauge cluster, dashboard, console, heater box & steering column restoration and seem like pretty nice guys. Go to their website and check out their work then give Mike a call

  • http://www.megapartsusa.com/ NOS Parts, Used parts and a complete supply of re-pop items make Roy & Jamie Stephans a couple of the good guys. Check out the website and give them a call. After all what other parts supplier gives out his home phone number!

  • http://www.performancecargraphics.com/ These are the guys that make the best Mopar graphics in the biz! From top-quality stripe kits to the decals needed to restore gauges they not only have it but they make it. Nice people, fair prices and you can get it direct from them instead of roling the dice on another supplier!

  • http://www.mmcdetroit.com An outstanding reference source for all the correct markings, nuts & bolts, date codes etc.

  • http://www.hotrodhaus.com/ These are the guys that layed down the sweet green paint on the Hemi. They love what they do and it shows in their work so go to the paint & bodywork section and see what they can accomplish!

  • http://www.motors.ebay.com/?_trksid=m37 Good stuff, good prices, bad junk, ridiculous prices. Whatever you think about e-bay, it is the largest collection of parts & cars on the net. Check seller's feedback and avoid the shady ones and it is not too bad. Just remember, it is "Buyer Beware" but good deals can be had.

  • http://www.moparts.com Pretty much everything Mopar you could ever need. Classifieds, Tech info, forums out the wazoo and a ton of traffic that gets you a lot of info and options.

  • http://www.aarqualityfiberglass.com/index.html For those of you wanting to put your Mopar on a fiberglass diet, these guys have it. Good quality fiberglass hoods etc for Mopars. Very little finishing is needed and the fit is above average for fiberglass parts.

  • No website but a honorable mention goes out to MoPaint for making all the correct colors & textured paints that Mopar used. Without them it would be tough to get the detail that a correct restoration requires. You can contact MoPaint at 732-846-1044

  • http://www.stingerfiberglass.com These guys make some great repo fiberglass items for Mopars but by far the coolest one is the fiberglass console base. The base is exact to the original plastic ones that go on e-bay for hundreds of dollars and have cracks in them. This base is made of hand-layed fiberglass and is way more durable and it looks the same down to the correct grain.

  • http://www.yearone.com/ The Kings of Muscle Car parts, Year One has the most extensive selection under one roof. While not the cheapest on the block, they are the most dependable. If you check out some of the Mopar websites they print the 10 and 20 percent discount codes so you can save some $. Watch out for the discount & shipping games they play

  • http://www.laysons.com/ While catering to the Valiant-Barracuda crowd, these guys have parts for all Mopars like great repop plastic items and an online catalog that includes used and NOS pieces.

  • http://www.accmats.com/ Great place for OEM style carpets. Their molded series fit well and replicate the stiching and piles of the original carpet very accuratley.

  • http://www.accurateltd.com Good exhaust systems & parts from the mild to wild. They are a member of the "Mopar Collector's Guide Merchant Association" so they know what they are doing and offer great pricing.

  • http://www.alltrim.com If you have a need for brite-dipped parts on your Mopar, and almost all of them had them, these are the guys. They will restore you trim or sell you replated ones with finishes exactly like the factory made. They are probally the most expensive at what they do, and there other options, but these guys deliver on their promises.

  • http://www.harborfreight.com/ A great source for the "Hobbyist" level of tools. Mostly imported stuff but great values for tools that you only need occasionally.

  • http://www.totallyautoinc.com// Correct paint and a variety of other parts make Totally Auto a good source for those hard to find items especially their bolt kits. What they have done is assembled correct bolt and nut kits for engines, grills, fenders etc. Each kit includes all the items unique to that assembly in numbered and labeled bags. You can hunt down all the parts in these kits elsewhere, but you end up spending as much money and these will save you tons of time.

  • http://www.lhmopars.com// A really cool colllection of old Mopar advertisments. The scans are pretty good and the ads are a ton of fun to read.

  • http://www.dodgetruckparts.net/ Since a lot of us own Dodge trucks this might be a help.