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Hi and thanks for checking out the Roadrunner section of our site. This will be about the 1968 Roadrunner that was my Wife's Mothers Day present. It is a 54,000 mile, one-owner car just in need of some TLC.

If you look to the left you will see the menu options for this section. The History section tells a little about how this great car came to us and shows the original build-sheet of the car and the original window sticker still readable after all these years. The First Day section has pictures of the car when we pulled it out of it 20-year hiding place still covered with the accumulated dust. Also shown in this section is a good collection of shots of the car before we started on it. The Engine section shows and tells the story of pulling the engine that was frozen and breathing new life back into this 383. The Engine Compartment was the next section of the car to get a makeover. We show the stripping of the panels and the repaint and reassemble of all the goodies to make up a clean motor compartment just as it looked 35 years ago. In the First Run section are a few shots of the Runner sans hood on the first day we got it running and while not a beauty queen yet it sure felt good to stir the 4-speed up a few times. Since the only rust on the car was in the quarters we will show you the repairs in Left Quarter Panel and Right Quarter Panel sections. These will cover the welding of the new patch panels on and the bodywork that goes with them. Bodywork 101 is just an introductory to the body prep we had to do to the Runner before it got it's new coat of shiny blue paint. The paint came out good and the car was reassembled and drove great. It was a head turner and once all the original paperwork was presented it was pretty cool.

We finished out the car between Mothers Day and Father's Day and had some fun with it but it went to the e-bay auction block to keep the funds coming in so we could get the big Hemi finished. So while it has left us, it was a great experience and pleasure to bring back such a neat, original piece of Mopar's history.